Café Godot

After I woke up and enjoyed a breakfast consisting of cold queso Blanco, stale chips, and a bag of cheetos my body kindly reminded me that I am no longer 17 and when it asks for fuel it didn’t mean actual gasoline in the form of processed cheese.

That’s why lunch at @godotbflo was the perfect choice to restart the day. Everything was so fresh and clean tasting from the Banh MI to the Pomegranate BBQ beans, and the mizeria. It’s exactly what the doctor (who told me I really need to change my eating habits) ordered.

I think the only thing that topped that meal was the always amazing customer service and pure joy that comes from the owners Roy and Kevin. Nothing makes me happier than to see people that just love their craft and being able to share it with others. That is truly what it means to be in the hospitality industry.

Nothing but great reviews and high recommendations from me on this one. If you are in the area definitely stop by and grab a bite from Café Godot

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