Lemon Shoot

I was talking to my sister a little while ago about how I think it would be funny if we had the girls try lemons and take photos of their reactions. So this week we did just that. Then it just turned into everyone eating lemons and shooting their reactions. If you have followed this blog in the past you will know that I love anything lemon. Hell, I used to eat them like oranges. Not good for your teeth you say? Yeah I’m aware. Can’t be told you have teeth issues if you don’t go to the dentist though! God I wish I had health insurance…


First Up we had Rowan, my sisters middle kiddo.


So happy and unaware.


Didn’t see that flavor coming.


Oh ok, I guess she actually enjoys them.


She thinks?

Next up is the wee babe Charlie.


She looks like she’s going to beat the shit out of someone with that lemon…


Not a fan.


Definitely not…

Next is my lovely sister Em who graciously provided the lemons and children for this shoot.


What will her reaction be? Not sure why I asked that I’m sure you can already see the photo below this.




Might be a little tart.

Like always my amazing girlfriend Abby is willing to help in her hella rad dino tee.


Not sure how I keep talking her into this stuff.


Even the dinosaurs don’t like it.


Yup, it will get you right in the cheeks.

Finally I ate one. Not sure if I would get a reaction or if I was just hungry.


Let’s see…


Nope. Just hungry. Happy to be eating a lemon though.

Unfortunately my sisters oldest girl was in school so I told her when she comes over next time I’ll take her photo and throw it on here. A bit of a different post today but thought it would be a little fun. If you guys would like to see some more themed shoots like this let me know in the comments. Thanks again for checking it out! You guys are the zest!

Yeah, sorry…

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