Almost Set Up

It’s been 22 days since we left Portland and things are slowly starting to come together here in Buffalo. Abby has been working her new job downtown at Bakery 55, I got all my NY  legal mumbo jumbo sorted out for the photo business here, and we finally get to move into our new apartment this weekend! A very special thank you to my sister Em and her husband Martin for opening their house to us for a place to stay these past few weeks, it has been incredibly helpful, especially when it came to looking for apartments and being able to actually go see them in person. Luckily our new landlord is allowing us to move in a couple days early to take advantage of the weekend for moving. I am very excited to finally unpack all of our stuff and get back into the rhythm of recipe testing, making new dishes, and blog recipes to post.


I have been pretty MIA on Instagram and Facebook for the past couple weeks which will change with the new apartment, but to be honest it’s been kind of nice. Just being able to hang out with family and friends and not worry so much about social media. A reminder to myself to take breaks every now and then to focus on what truly matters. Can’t cut it out completely because it is a very large part of my business, but taking time away from it has been a bit of a relief. I am very excited to get the new apartment set up because we will finally have a dedicated office and staging area for photos and food prep. So sorry to anyone who wants to stay over, you get to sleep on the wood block (good for the back). I know the blog has made a lot changes to conversation and less food but don’t worry, once the apartment is set up we will start working on a bunch of new recipes to share. I am no longer working in a restaurant so I need to get my fix of cooking, can’t let myself get rusty!


Abby and I are looking forward to our next chapter here in Buffalo and all the exciting possibilities. It has been an emotional exit from Portland, long drive across the country, and lots of apartment searching but we are almost set up and happy to call Buffalo home. Thank you as always for the love and support!


Also if you or someone you know lives in the Buffalo are looking for some portrait shots check out the Raw Peach Facebook page for the free portrait give away! Just tag a friend in the comments for your chance at some free photos! Who doesn’t like free photos! Vampires I guess since they wouldn’t show up in the photo. Also the ghosts in Fatal Frame. That game gave me the heebie jeebies. So if you live in Buffalo and are not a vampire or ghost from a 2002 Playstation 2 game check out the Facebook page and tag a friend!


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