Back in Buffalo

It’s been a few weeks since the last post, and one very long week of travel but we made it safely across country back to Buffalo. Even though we gave ourselves time to pack and get things done, it still seemed like everything flew by and next thing you know we’re closing our apartment door for the last time. My sister Zuzu and Abby’s brother Jack came with us on the trip and I am very grateful that they did. I ended up driving the truck the whole way but just having someone there for conversation and to check if you are doing ok made all the difference. Plus it gave me a chance to catch up with my sister which was much needed.


We kept seeing warnings the entire week before about a massive snow storm that was going to go from coast to coast that had us a little worried, but we lucked out and were given some pretty decent weather and dry roads. This was my first time driving across the country because I flew to Portland when I first moved. It was amazing to see the different landscapes and scenery. I would have taken photos but I was driving, luckily my rad as hell sister shared with me the photos she took along the way so I can use them for this post.


Oddly enough the worst weather we had was the first hour leaving Portland. The winds were so high they were blowing the truck everywhere but after that things calmed down and we had a pretty smooth trip. Wyoming was cold as hell and I made the mistake of not bringing my bamboo plant inside to the hotel so now we are trying to resuscitate it, hopefully it can come around. Tip of the day, don’t leave your plants in a car when its 2º outside. Live and learn I guess.


Abby has family that lives in Colorado as well as Chicago who graciously opened their homes and let us stay with them during the trip which was a huge help. Always nice to see family and gather around the table. To be honest that plays a big part in why we moved in the first place. Growing up we had the traditions of family dinners, holiday gatherings, and parties, but as time goes on family members pass and traditions slowly fade. My sister has three little girls, Abby and I obviously talk about starting a family and kids, we want them to have those experiences and traditions as they grow up. I think as technology evolves and social media grows it is important now more than ever to keep those traditions alive and have that face to face interaction with family. It is something that I am greatly looking forward to now that I am home that I took for granted when I was younger. I can’t begin to tell you what I would give for one more day with my grandparents, aunts and uncles around the dinner table. Spend time with the ones you love because it unfortunately doesn’t last forever.


Even with all the stress of trying to find a house, searching for jobs, and dealing with the 80 mph winds for some reason, I am very excited to be back in Buffalo and get the next chapter of our lives started. We have some plans in the works that I am pretty pumped about, but for now I’ll just share this quick post. Thank you to everyone in Portland who taught us lessons, shared great times, and we’re always there for us, we miss you guys already. Thank you to my sister Em and her husband Martin for opening up their house to us while we find a spot to live. And once again a very special thank you to these two amazing goobers who put up with us for an entire cross country road trip, it wouldn’t have been the same without you. Love you guys.


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