Blog Update and Future

Gee wiz its been a whole heck of a lot of time since my last post. I have been majorly slacking on coming up with new recipes to post. Mainly because its been an interesting couple of months in terms of photography and what directions I have been looking at. I think one of the best things about growing in any sort of craft is discovering new possibilities and ideas. The one downside that I have come to realize though is that it can kind of throw you off focus from the original path you started off on. Not that this is a bad thing, but if you don’t up your efforts to compensate things can fall to the wayside. Over the past few months I have been trying to shoot more different styles. Portraits, landscape, architecture, so on and so on. I wanted to do this for a couple reasons, one was to simply get better at doing these things. If some one comes to me and asks for portraits I want to be able to provide the best possible shot for them that I can.


Trust me, I love shooting food and will always try to improve in that area, I would just like to do it with other styles as well. The second is that when you are trying different styles you can discover new ways to do things and in turn apply that to what you already do. That being said, I have changed up some of what I will be posting. I want to share some of these experiences and changes along the way. For me this will be my open journal of progression and failures to help me recognize what I have done right and what needs to be adjusted. In doing so I hope I can provide some advice for anyone who possibly needs it or maybe just a tale for someone who just wants to hear a possibly exciting most likely not story about my day.


I will from now on be posting three times a week. New posts will be on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I want to do this so I get better at holding myself accountable on consistently posting, one of the many things I am working on. Hey live and learn. There you go, first advice tip that I have learned along the way. Never stop being humble. Admit to yourself that you are allowed to make mistakes as long as you recognize them. And more importantly please don’t give people shit when they realize. It can be very difficult for someone to come out and admit that they screwed up so don’t make them feel bad for owning up to it.


I’ll do my best to keep things entertaining or at least some what interesting, sharing some recipes, shoot stories, random shiz that happened during the week. See? Doesn’t that just sound positively riveting. Anywho, I will wrap this up, just wanted to give a long needed update and share some photos and direction of whats to come. Thank you guys so much for the constant support, I look forward to sharing some stories.

Can’t wait to share this story

Side note: I actually looked up if anywho is a word when writing this because I wasn’t sure if it was. Its not. Neither is shiz.

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