Photo Update


I have definitely been slacking with these posts lately. Time to get on my game and start pushing out some new content and recipes. It was a long but awesome week filled with multiple shoots and events. The PDX Feeds Puerto Rico fundraiser went on all week spanning multiple restaurants, coffee shops, and bars. Set up by Ataula’s Jose Chesa, Cristina Baez, and Emily Metivier, the fundraiser donated 10% to the Animal Rescue relief fund and 90% to the  Cosa Nuestra Relief Fund. It was amazing seeing so many people come together to raise awareness and money to send to Puerto Rico to help aid those in need due to Hurricane Maria. We had a slew of great chefs and baristas in from Puerto Rico to show some home town flair in the kitchen and cooked up some amazing dishes.


The first event was at the Nightwood, also Chesa’s old space. There was a pig roast, live music, and the energy was uplifting. You could feel a real sense of home and family in the building. People were dancing, laughing, and having a great time. Being able to shoot events like this are some of my favorite, it is a great energy to try to capture.

Mario Pagan of Arete

The second event was held at Rue. A four course prix fixe menu featuring dishes from Rues Jason Roberts, Ataulas Jose Chesa, Mario Pagan from Arete, and Paxx Caraballo co-owner of El Baoricua. Rue has a very nice small intimate setting with dimly lit tables and a great atmosphere, the dishes were all amazing and each chef put their Puerto Rican flair and love into each course.

Mario Pagan plating while Paxx and Jose look on

It has been such a welcoming site to see so many chefs open their kitchens to help with this fundraiser. What I have noticed in the short time that I have lived in Portland is that the restaurant community is very close and they are constantly helping each other grow and succeed which shows ten fold during a fundraiser like this.

Jose Chesa’s Bacalao dish

The third and final event for the fundraiser that I shot this week was a brunch held at Ataula. A line a hungry and excited customers patiently waited outside as the final ingredients were getting put together. It was a big push at the beginning of the service but everyone kicked ass and got hot food out to the tables. Churro waffles, cured salmon and scrambled eggs, and tostones were some of the delicious items on the menu.


By 2pm the kitchen had sold out and that was a wrap. It was a great turn out and everyone seemed very pleased with their brunch, which in Portland is bigger than Christmas. All in all the Puerto Rico fundraiser was a huge success, great food was put out, people were happy, and most importantly money was raised to help those in need down in PR. The community that came together to make this happen truly made me proud to be a part of this industry. Hopefully even more can be raised to provide for the island.


The final shoot I did for the week was at Departure with Gregory Gourdet. Every December he runs his out of this world peking duck. Served with duck broth, duck fried rice, and an amazing duck fat ice cream. The duck takes 5 days to make but totally worth the wait.


It has been way too long since my last post and recipe but I will be more on top of it to get out some new photos and dishes to you guys on a regular basis. Thanks again so much for the support and I look forward to sharing more in the very near future!

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