Feast PDX

It’s been a very busy week with Feast PDX, the dinner at Chesa, Night Market, Smoked, and lots of photos. Unfortunately I have a lot of editing to do so there will not be a recipe blog this week. Trying to knock out these photos to get them to everyone as soon as I can. Also I will eventually be switching the blog to my website http://www.rawpeach.com instead of a separate link. Speaking of the website a very special thank you to my awesome sister Emily for putting everything together for me with the site and the advice.

Enrique Olivera, Gregory Gourdet, Danniella Soto-Innes, Jose Chesa

Feast was an amazing experience. Started off with the dinner at Chesa. Amazing dishes prepared by top notch chefs, Jose Chesa (Ataula), Enrique Olivera (Pujol, Cosme), Daniella Soto (Cosme), and Andy Ricker (Pok Pok). It was the last dinner at Chesa which was definitely a sad moment having spent most of my time in Portland working there, but we went out on a very high note. All the chefs brought their A game with some very impressive dishes from Joses iberico jamon wrapped rabbit loin, to Enrique and Daniellas fluke with¬†chicatana ants, and Andy Rickers wild mushroom Laap on sour leaves. It was my first food event doing photos as well so it was a great learning experience. I feel that having worked in kitchens my whole career helped when it came to doing photos on the line and in the back. The phrases, mannerisms, and movement all came into play when photos were being taken. Which I am not surprised at considering that I say “heard” to respond to most things and will say “behind” at the grocery store to random people. Good habits I guess.

Chicatana Ants

The following evening we had Night Market. Lines of happy guests waited patiently to try out restaurants from Portland, New York, and other cities all showcasing some delicious food, wine, and beers. The entire vibe of the market was a perfect way to wrap up the summer and nice weather with fall right around the corner.

Chef Carlo Lamagna of Magna

Saturday night we had Smoked. Which was fitting considering that the entire city was filled with smoke because of the ongoing forest fires recently. Thankfully its been raining the past couple days which should help finally calm the fires. Smoked was a bbq dream land. From fried turkey wings in gochujang glaze, to lamb shoulder tacos, and grilled peach desserts, everything had me wanting to get back in line to try more. Also Hedley & Bennett was there showing off some of their beautiful aprons.

Hedley & Bennett Aprons

Overall Feast 2017 was a great experience, got to try some great food, meet some awesome new people, and take way too many pictures. There may be a possibility me and Abby do a recipe later in the week depending on how editing and the other jobs go but I will keep everyone posted. Until then thank you so much for checking in and reading up on the past week.

Rabbit loin, iberico fermin, porchini sofrito, roasted padron aioli

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