First Post

P1060409Hey everyone! So this is the start of the new blog. Just wanted to inform everyone of what our goals are with this site. Every week me and Abby will make a couple dishes, she will take care of the baking and sweet side, and I will be handling the savory side. We will make a couple of dishes and share some tips and tricks we discovered while making them. We will also include the recipes so you can try them at home! Finally I will be taking photos of all the finished plates and some during their creation to upload along with the post. I wanted to archive my progress of becoming a professional food photographer and share with you my mistakes, lessons, and things I have learned along the way. We have a busy week coming up with preparation for Feast PDX which I am greatly looking forward to! Ill be cooking along side my amazing chef Jose Chesa (Ataula), Enrique Olvera (Cosme, Pujol) who you may have seen on Chefs Table season 2,  Soto-Innes (Cosme), and Andy Ricker (Pok Pok). Should be an amazing experience. Will be a busy week but should have the first recipes and pictures posted soon. We hope you guys join us on this adventure and we look forward to sharing this experience with you all!

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